Homeownership Education and Counseling Program

Available in Benton, Fountain, Montgomery, Parke, Vermillion, and Warren Counties.

Homeownership is a step that should not be entered into lightly. Many families get tired of renting and think they are ready for homeownership but do not fully grasp the full picture of what homeownership involves.

This program has several modules, which takes the family through the important steps in making their way to homeownership and how to avoid putting their home on the line when things get tough. Some of the information covered in the modules address budgets, how to shop for a home wisely, and cleaning up credit reports.

Also, we try to get the family to assess their current situation to make sure they are ready for homeownership or consider waiting for another year or two before taking on this responsibility. We look at a couple of things in this area. Is there a household budget in place? If so, what is the debt to income ratio at this time?

The full course takes 8-12 hours depending on the size of the class.

At the end of the course the family receives a certificate of completion, which can be presented to their lender to show they have completed the course. More and more lenders are requiring that new homeowners go through this class.

Classes are set up on an as needed basis.

If unable to attend the classes in person, visit the online Homebuyer’s Education Course at eHome America. eHome America is a non-profit program of NeighborhoodWorks America and it’s partners.

Community Action Program of Western Indiana, Inc. has a new home loan program underway through Rural Development. Income guidelines apply. Contact us and ask about the 502 Rural Development Loans.

For more information, call Alice Young at (765) 793-4881 or via email at ayoung@capwi.org

Additional Resources:

If COVID-19 has made it difficult for you to pay your mortgage, there are options to help you protect your house. For more information, call Alice Young at (765) 793-4881 or visit cfpb.gov/housing.

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