Frequently Asked Questions


Visit the Rental Properties page of our website for information about all of our rental units including rent and availability.

Income guidelines vary from property to property and county to county. Some of our properties do not have any guidelines. We verify that the gross family income meets the guidelines set forth by our funding source. We also review the current monthly payments (credit cards, car payment, insurance, etc.), rent, utilities and compare it with the income coming into the home/apartment to be sure the tenant will be able to afford living in the home/apartment.

We do not allow pets in our rental properties. Service animals (dogs only) or emotional support animals are allowed but must be current on shots and flea treatments and maintained throughout the residency. Renters with service/emotional support animals are asked to carry renters insurance in case their service animal should injure someone coming onto the property, but they are not required to do so.

No, we no longer allow smoking inside any of our rental properties. We ask all tenants to please smoke outdoors at least 8 feet from any entrance.

We have funding sources that set the guidelines each year regarding the gross amount of income coming in from all sources by all household members, enabling low to moderate income families to live in safe, sanitary and affordable housing. So, the household gross income cannot be over the guidelines set for a particular property. All our applications have the income guidelines on the
cover sheet. Therefore, you could make too much money.

We do not have built in subsidy/rental assistance. The amount of rent you are charged is not adjusted according to your household income. You would need to apply for Section 8 rental assistance to get help.

First, you must complete an application. Applications are available at our office in Covington or on the Rental Properties page of this website.

Once a completed application is received we will verify the household income from all sources listed (employment, SS, SSI, child support, pensions, etc.) along with a criminal background check. But the gross household income has to fall at or below the income guidelines for the home/apartment you are applying for and the criminal background check must come back favorable. The application will have a cover sheet on it giving you the income guidelines for the


Air conditioners may be available to qualified applicants. The state no longer provides fans.

Mail in applications for elderly and disabled are mailed in late summer or early fall. We generally start scheduling appointments for the Energy Assistance Program in mid-October with appointments scheduled in early November.

Visit the following website to determine who your trustee is for your county and appropriate township trustee:

Or call your County Auditor’s office.


Contact your local Community Action Program office and ask to speak with someone in our Energy Assistance Program representative. Tell them you would like to sign up for weatherization. A completed landlord agreement form will be required if you are a renter. Clients that are already on the Energy Assistance Program can have their application forwarded to the weatherization department. For more information about our weatherization program visit:

Clients are contacted in order by a matrix point system, the higher the matrix points, the higher on the priority list. Clients that are between 151%-200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines usually have 0 matrix points, therefore aren’t usually weatherized. A client may be income eligible for weatherization services but their home may not, an auditor will make that determination during his/her visit.

Each home is different; we will not know the scope of work until the home is visited by an energy auditor. A list of measures that MAY be addressed is posted on the Weatherization page of this website.

The weatherization process usually takes about 2 weeks from the day the auditor does the initial audit until the work is completed and inspected, waiting to have your home audited can take up to a year from the day you sign up for weatherization. Weatherization does not replace windows, doors, siding, mobile home skirting, or roofs.


We take applications and referrals on children year-round. Parents can call their local centers or speak with anyone in Head Start to have a referral form completed. Parents can also complete the referral form on the Head Start or Early Head Start pages of our website at:

This program is no longer offered by our agency. Please visit the following link to find a Child Safety Seat Inspection Station near you:

Call the Children’s Bureau in Lafayette, IN at 765-838-3805

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Please call your local WIC office to make an appointment. They will tell you what to bring and expect. A typical appointment lasts 20-30 minutes per person. Eligibility requirements can be located at: under “How do I apply for WIC?”

If a participant wants WIC staff to discuss progress about themselves or a child enrolled in the program, they must sign a release of information form. This ensures confidentiality of our program participants.

If you plan to move somewhere else in Indiana, you can check the website for a listing of all WIC offices in the state at If you plan to move out of Indiana, you can call your local WIC office. They can give you information about WIC programs in other states and overseas. You may contact the State WIC offices at 1-800-522-0874. You may also request a Verification Certification form from your local WIC office. This form includes information needed to transfer your household from Indiana WIC to the WIC clinic in your new state.

A proxy is someone you trust. You give this permission to cash your eWIC card if you can’t go to the store. You must make sure your proxy understands what foods to buy and how to use the eWIC card. Be careful if you give someone your card and PIN as they could redeem all of your WIC benefits. These benefits will NOT be replaced. Only give your card and PIN to people you have selected as proxies.

The WIC program protects your right to privacy. WIC will not share any information without your permission. This includes appointment times and medical information.

If you lose or damage your eWIC card, call Customer Service at 1-855-349-1454 or the clinic to cancel your card and then go to your clinic to be issued a new card.

MAC Van Transportation Service

The elderly and disabled have top priority. We transport people to the store, hair appointments, and on shopping trips the first Friday of every month.

Please contact us at: Covington (765)793-4871 or Williamsport (765)762-0420

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